Friday, December 01, 2006

Heads or Tails

Hello once again. Figured it was time I hop back on here and give you all another glimpse of the future.

In the book there will be many entries that have multiple bullet points. This is because a phrase or word comes up in many episodes. For instance:

Flip a Coin
Method Jerry suggests he and George use to determine who will get the great apartment on West 83rd Street; they decide that Jerry will flip, and George will call the “no crying, no guilt, winner takes all” flip; George calls heads, but it comes up tails; George calls interference, for on the way down, the coin hit the counter; George says, “You can’t count that! The coin can’t touch anything! It affects it!” When Jerry says, “You didn’t call no interference,” George responds, “You don’t have to call that! It’s a rule!” (3)
  • When George hears that Elaine is attending a lesbian wedding, he asks, “How do they work the bride and groom on that? What, do they flip a coin?” Elaine scoffs and George asks, “What, was that not politically correct? It’s a legitimate question.” (30)
  • Elaine suggests that George and Mike Moffet flip a coin to decide who gets the parking space they both started to pull into (38)
I'm looking forward to the completion of this book just so I can see how many times a certain thing has been mentioned in the show. Like in how many episodes did "Ketchup" get mentioned or just how many Carols were there?

So that's it for this edition. Be sure to tune in next time when I'll be showcasing some of the more obscure entries.

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