Saturday, December 09, 2006

The More Obscure, The Better

Greetings. Greetings and salutations. What a day for a ballgame...Let's play two! Well, perhaps not. But one blog entry will be just as nice. I am back, fellow Seinfeld lovers, and I am ready to give you all yet another sneak peak at my book. As I promised last time, this preview will be dedicated to the more obscure entries. I want to make sure that my encyclopedia has everything, and I do mean everything from Seinfeld. So enough chit chat, let's get to it.

2ZYL928 License plate on the car Jerry drives while in Los Angeles (40)

Sullivan’s Store where Morty and Helen bought their convertible sofa (43)

John Name of the repairman who fixes Jerry’s refrigerator (25)

Friedrich Brand of air conditioner Kramer buys at a mall in New Jersey (23)

Kekich Party of two called before George, Jerry, and Elaine at Hunan 5th Ave (16)

Hoy’s Boy Name of a horse in the same race as Pappernick, the horse Kramer bets on to win (30)

Ralph Pizza delivery boy who’s allergic to mohair (65)

Almond Pleasure Type of herbal tea George tells Elaine he likes (21)

Leopard Cousin Jeffrey’s favorite animal; he likes the spots (64)

Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved by You One of the books George leaves at Marlene’s apartment; it was written by two PhDs, Jordan and Margaret Paul (6)

So there we have it for yet another week. Hopefully this shows how serious I am to including everything. Nothing is too minute. Thanks for tuning in and remember, sign up and get your name in the book. Just follow the link on the right. Easy as falling off a log. Believe me.


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