Thursday, January 04, 2007

What Time Does Your Flight Get In?

Hello once again. Happy New Year everybody! 2007 might be a very big year for all of us if things go as planned. I want to start off by thanking everyone who has stopped by. I really do appreciate it. And I am close to the 1000 visit mark that I initially set when I started this blog. So keep on coming back and let's make that goal a reality.

In yet another sample from the book, here is the entry for the Airport Pickup/Drop-Off. This event is prevalent in the Seinfeld Universe and thus will have many entries by book's end.

Airport Pickup/Drop-off Self-sacrificial favor that shows commitment to a friend or loved one; George drives Jerry to the airport so that he can pickup his potential love interest, Laura (1)

  • George drives Jerry to the airport for his trip to Minneapolis (3)
  • When Jerry’s plane has to make an emergency landing due to a blizzard en route to Buffalo, George picks Jerry up, who really appreciates; George downplays it saying it’s nothing, but Jerry says, “Hey, it’s one thing if I asked you, ‘Could you do me a favor?’…but to suggest it.” George explains, “When you told me what you went through on the plane, it makes you stop and think. You appreciate having a real friend.” George actually just wants to go to Jerry’s apartment to harass an old girlfriend who ruined his shirt and never apologized (15)
  • Elaine borrows Jerry’s car to pick up her “houseguest” Ed, from Seattle, at John F. Kennedy Airport; an excruciating week later, she tries desperately to get him back on time, but gets blocked on Rockaway Boulevard (17)
  • Kramer can’t believe Jerry agreed to help Keith Hernandez move since he hardly knows the guy, and then sarcastically asks, “I mean, how can you prostitute yourself like this? I mean, what are you gonna do? You gonna start driving him to the airport?” Jerry quickly retorts, “I’m not driving him to the airport!” When George hears about the move, he also quips, “The next thing you know, he’s gonna have you driving him to the airport.” Jerry once again repeats his earlier sentiment (34)
  • George picks up Jerry after his flight from Chicago, but George’s car broke down on the way, so the two of them scam a limo ride (35)
  • Jerry picks up his parents from the airport and tells them about how NBC liked his and George’s idea for a series (43)
There we have it. Yet another exciting and hilarious look at my book. Once again, thank you all for checking out this site and hey, if you haven't done it yet, follow the link on the right and get your name in the book. Your name in a book! Impress your friends and bosses. Alright, until next time.


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