Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I’m Not Driving Him to the Airport!

Hey Everybody! Look at that! We have hit the 1000 visit mark and then some. Just shot right by it. Thank you so much for all your help. But you know what they say, all the help in the world is never enough. Someone at some point must have said that. If they haven't, then please start using that phrase with your friends and attribute it to me. But anyway, there is still work to be done. I am trying my best to get this book out there, unfortunately I am running into walls. But never fear. I am on top of things and all will be revealed in due time. I do want to apologize for not updating in awhile, but I got busy, had a little moving to do. So in honor of that, here is the entry for Move. Quite long, so it should last.

Jerry meets Keith Hernandez and they have dinner, but Jerry is soon passed over for Elaine; however, Keith calls up Jerry and asks Jerry to help him move; Elaine asks, “Move what?” and disgusted, Jerry replies, “You know, furniture.” She asks what Jerry said and he says, “I told him yes, but I don’t feel right about it. I mean, I hardly know the guy. That’s a big step in a male relationship. The biggest. That’s like going all the way.” When Kramer hears about it, he says, “What? Well, you hardly know the guy. What a nerve!” Kramer can’t believe that Jerry has already said yes and asks, “Don’t you have any pride or self-respect? I mean, how can you prostitute yourself like this? I mean, what are you gonna do? You gonna start driving him to the airport?” Jerry quickly retorts, “I’m not driving him to the airport!” Jerry then asks that Kramer not mention this to anybody and he replies, “I wish you never mentioned it to me.” When George hears about it, he can’t believe it either, and asks, “He’s got money. Why doesn’t he just pay a mover?” Jerry says, “I don’t know. He’s got some valuable antiques. He’s worried they’ll break something.” Before the move, Keith tells Jerry that he better bring his gloves because it’s freezing out there, and then estimates the length of the move at 4 hours; he explains, “There’s not that much. First we got the bedroom. We got two dressers and the bed.” Jerry asks if there’s a box spring and Keith says, “Yeah, there’s a box spring. But it’s attached to the headboard, and we’ll have to take that apart. Then we got the couch.” Jerry asks if that’s a sectional and Keith replies, “Yeah, 12 pieces. A marble coffee table.” Jerry asks, “Is that a thick marble?” and Keith replies, “3 inches thick. Got it in Italy. But the big problem is gonna be the convertible sofa. You see, when you move it, it tends to open up, so it’s gonna be difficult getting it down the stairs.” Jerry quickly asks, “Stairs? There’s no elevator?” and Keith replies, “No, it’s a brownstone. Three floors.” Jerry then says he can’t do it, “It’s too soon. I don’t know you…I can’t! I just can’t!” However, Newman and Kramer come in and confront Keith about the spitting incident; after he clears his name, both men feel sorry and offer to help Keith move (34)

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