Monday, February 26, 2007

You Know How Much Ted Danson Makes?

Here we go again, another exciting glimpse into The Seinfeld Encyclopedia. Are you as excited as I am? Now you may or may not be aware that Seinfeld started out on Wednesday nights. It did okay, but not great. Then one day, Ted Danson, Sam Malone of Cheers, called the president of NBC and said he didn't want to do his show anymore. So the president decided to groom Seinfeld to take over the coveted Cheers Thursday night, 9 pm slot, and did so by moving Seinfeld to right after Cheers at 9:30. The ratings started to go up and the rest is history. So in honor of that, here is today's entry.

Ted Danson Former star of the NBC sitcom Cheers that George mentions after NBC calls and wants another meeting with him and Jerry; George wonders how much they will get, guessing 50,000 dollars and then asks Jerry, “You know how much Ted Danson makes?” Jerry replies, “Ted Danson. Now, how are you comparing us to Ted Danson?” George explains, “I didn’t say we’re Ted Danson,” and Jerry says, “You did. You said we’re Ted Danson. You know, I think he wears a piece.” George replies, “Yeah, don’t worry. He can afford it.” When NBC eventually offers Jerry and George $13,000 for both of them, George yells, “That’s insulting! Ted Danson makes $800,000 an episode.” Jerry asks, “Oh, would you stop with the Ted Danson,” and George replies, “Well, he does…I can’t live knowing that Ted Danson makes that much more than me.” George asks, “Who’s he?” and Jerry replies, “He’s somebody.” George asks, “What about me?” and Jerry replies, “You’re nobody.” George asks, “Why him and not me?” and Jerry replies, “He’s good. You’re not.” George says, “I’m better than him,” and Jerry replies, “You’re worse. Much, much worse.” (42)

  • While out with Susan, George passes on the $13,000 deal, explaining that it’s much too low; Susan tells him, “You know, that because this is your first show, it’s a pretty standard deal,” and George replies, “Standard? Is Ted Danson’s deal standard?” Susan laughs and tells George, “You’re not Ted Danson.” (43)
  • When Helen Seinfeld learns that George turned down the deal from NBC, she asks Jerry why and he responds, “Because of Ted Danson.” She asks, “What does Ted Danson have to do with it?” and Morty suggests, “Maybe he doesn’t like Ted Danson.” (44)
And with that, we come to the end of yet another week. Once again, allow me to express my sincere gratitude for everyone who has made this blog such a success and a delight for me to work on. Also, if for some wacky reason you don't know that you can get your name in this book, well listen up! There's a link on the right side, you click, enter your name and that's all. Instant name in the book. I guarantee it's the best thing you'll do all day. Unless you're a heart surgeon, in which case you shouldn't be reading this, go save some lives. Until next time, kids.


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