Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Introducing the Book Again, For the First Time

So here we are again folks. Back for yet another week of merriment, knowledge and a free look at my book. Going into the red for you folks. Or the black. Or whatever the bad one is. Nevertheless, I realized the other day that I haven't really explained what this book is since the very first post. Sure you, my devote readers, know all about it, but there are new people coming on here every day who may not know what I got cooking. Well, lemme break it down for you newbies.

The Seinfeld Encyclopedia will be the only complete collection of Seinfeld facts, names, and places. The book is organized into three major sections. The first is an A-Z guide of every piece of information that was ever mentioned throughout the shows run. Each entry includes a description of the fact and usually contains a hilarious quote from the show about the item. The encyclopedia section is followed by lists of entries by episode. The reader can go to this section, look up the episode “The Junior Mint,” and see what entries are from that episode. The third section is a complete episode guide to all 169 episodes of Seinfeld. Each entry will include original airdate, the writer and director, guest stars, and a short synopsis of the episode.

That about sums it up I think. So on to the reason you came: the free look!! For this entry, I didn't really know what to showcase, so I though I would just be a tad silly.

Wife of Jerry’s cousin, Artie Levine; she tells Jerry that he if wants to get some funny material, he ought to come down to where she works, “Now there’s a sitcom!” (2)

Waitress at Monk’s that overhears George and Jerry talking about the great apartment on West 83rd Street; she and her husband, Larry, take it and love it (3)

  • While out to eat at Monk’s with his annoying friend, Joel Horneck, Jerry watches as Joel berates Carol since she doesn’t know if the turkey in the turkey sandwich is real or processed (4)

Carol One time girlfriend of George, she invites him up for coffee after their date; George declines saying, “Oh, no, thanks. I can’t drink coffee late at night. It keeps me up.” He later realizes she may have meant coffee as sex, and calls her and leaves a message; she doesn’t call back, and he leaves three more messages, each escalating in anger; when she tells him she’s been in the Hamptons, George gets Jerry to help him switch out her answering machine tape for a blank one; after successfully doing so, Carol tells him that her neighbor played them all for her over the phone, and she thought they were hilarious (9)

Carol Wife of Michael, a guy who used to live in Jerry’s building; they had a baby and they keep asking when Jerry and Kramer are going to come over and see it (34)

Carol Name Kramer calls Elaine after getting hit in the head with a baseball (37)

Carol George tries to impress a woman he meets at the Improv comedy club by saying he’s writing a comedy pilot for NBC, but she asks, “A sitcom? How can you write that crap?” She then shouts to her friend, “Carol. This guy’s writing a sitcom.” They both start laughing hysterically and walk out, as the woman says, “A sitcom? Can you imagine? And he actually tried to use it to hit on me.” (48)

Six Carols and counting. Quite excited to see how many I end up with. Hoping for double digits. Well, that does it for me. But before you go, make sure to click the link on the right and get your name in the book. Again, for you newbs, this is sorta my gift to you for visiting and supporting the site. You click the link, fill in your name, click submit. When this book is published, be sure to buy it and see your name! Best money you'll ever spend.


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