Sunday, March 11, 2007

I am Springing Ahead Right Now

Holy cow! Over 2,000 hits! That's amazing, folks. Sure, most sites get 2,000 hits a minute, but I'm not most sites. I'm just a little-known, up-and-comer and 2,000 is the big time. So thank you and now, on to 3,000.

This was a nice surprise to get after coming back from vacation. Yes, that's right, even we bloggers need a little R&R. But I am back and ready to give you yet another glimpse into my book. Now seeing as how today is the new Daylight Saving Time Day, (note: thanks Massachusetts congressman Ed Markey), I bet you are all expecting to read my entry for Daylight Saving Time. You know, how Kramer sets his pocket watch ahead early because he can't wait for the actual day, and then for the rest of the episode he's late and whatnot, very humorous. Sorry to disappoint, but I do not have that in the computer yet. It's in my notes, just haven't gotten to The Susie yet.

In lieu of that, seeing as how I was just on vacation, I thought I would showcase some of the street addresses the show has mentioned, perhaps one day, you might go there on a break. Without further ado:

1st Avenue
Where Elaine’s friend Roxanne lives; Elaine, Jerry and George are invited to a New York Marathon brunch there because Roxanne has a great view of the race (10)

42nd Street
Location of the branch of the New York Public Library where Jerry checked out Tropic of Cancer in 1971 and never returned; 20 years later, they tracked him down and he had to pay for it (22)
  • When breaking up with her wheelchair bound 66 year old boyfriend, Owen March, Elaine tells him, “I’m gonna be brutally honest with you now, Owen. It’s a bitch to get here. It’s two subways. I have to transfer at 42nd Street to take the double-R” Later, at Monk’s, she asks Jerry if someone can die from an odor and explains, “I was just down at the 42nd Street subway today. It is disgusting.” (28)
  • The gang rides the Utica Avenue subway train to 42nd Street and then each take their own train; at the 42nd Street Station, you can change to the D and the Double R, the 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, the C, E and F train (30)

46th Street Location of Pakistani restaurant Alton Benes takes Elaine, Jerry and George to (8)

48th Street Where George was showing a condo when Jerry asked him to join in a stakeout; George was close, so it was no problem, plus he wouldn’t wanted to have missed it (2)

  • The store where Jerry bought his computer from in 1987 is located on 48th street; he has to go down there to get a copy of the receipt for his audit (19)

49th Street Location of the golf shop where Kramer meets the golf pro from the Westchester Country Club; after giving him a Cuban cigar, the pro invites Kramer up for a free round of golf (45)

54th and 6th George boasts to Jerry that “Anywhere in the city I’ll tell you the best public toilet.” Jerry asks, “54th and 6th?” and George tells him, “Sperry Rand Building, 14th floor. Morgan Apparel. Mention my name—she’ll give you the key.” (17)

65th and 10th George boasts to Jerry that “Anywhere in the city I’ll tell you the best public toilet.” Jerry asks, “65th and 10th?” and George says, “Are you kidding? Lincoln Center, Alice Tully Hall, the Met, magnificent facilities.” (17)

84th and Columbus Where Jerry parks his car, but Kramer tells him that it might have been stolen because “I just walked by there, and that car is gone.” Jerry actually just lent the car to George and Elaine so they could go to a flea market (38)

207th Street Kramer is almost mugged on a red A, 207th Street subway train, but is saved by an undercover cop (30)

358 West 44th Street Address of the Improv, the comedy club that Jerry frequently performs at (42)

749 Bleeker Address where Tom Hanks is going to be picked up at 6:00 by the car service that Elaine uses (67)

1324 Amsterdam Avenue, Apartment 4D Address of Antonio, the busboy George believes he got fired (17)

1648 North Las Palmas Address where Kramer is arrested in Los Angeles for being the Smog Strangler; he is staying at the Las Palmas Hotel (41)

8173 Riviera Drive Actual address of the Pocatillos of Long Island (27)

8713 Riviera Drive While driving to pick up Jerry and Elaine on Long Island, Kramer lost the directions to the Pocatillos’ house where they were at; he thought the address was 8713 Riviera Drive, “So I drove around knocking on everybody’s doors that had those numbers. 8317, 7813, 3718, 1837. Finally, I hit it. 8173.” (27)

12145 Ventura Boulevard Location of the payphone Jerry uses in Los Angeles to call the police to inform them that Kramer is not the Smog Strangler; the police try to give Jerry directions but since neither he nor George know where the 101, 170 or 134 are, the police send a black and white to pick them up (41)

By book's end, there will be a veritable atlas within the pages, but for now, just a mere sampling. So that's all for this week. Remember, set those clocks ahead one hour if you haven't already. If you have done so, why not use this time to click the link on the right and get your name in my book. Representative Markey endorses that too.


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