Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sign Up Problem

Just wanted to let people know that I am having a problem with the link to get your name in the book. I am working on it and hope to get it rectified within a day or so. This problem only started a few days ago, so if you signed up in that time, you may have to sign up again. Sorry about the inconvenience.

****** Everything is A-OK, I have fixed the problem! So sign up and tell your friends!

Friday, November 24, 2006

See, you know how to take the reservation...

Wow, what a first response! I want to thank every person who has visited this site so far. We are well on our way to getting this book published. Just keep on coming to the site and telling anyone and everyone about it. OK, on to business.

The way the encyclopedia will work is a complete A to Z guide. There is the initial word or phrase and that is followed by a description and usually a lot of dialogue from the episode. And at the end, is the episode number. In addition to the A to Z guide, the book will feature an "entry listed by episode" section for quick and easy access to all entries. Meaning, that if you go to this section, you can see all the entries from a certain episode, like the Junior Mint or what have you. Also, I will include an episode guide to all nine season which will include original airdate, writers and guest stars.

And now to wet your whistles, here is an entry from the episode, "The Alternate Side".

Reservation Jerry makes a reservation for a midsize car at Worthy Rent-A-Car, but when he arrives, the agent says they have no midsize available at the moment; Jerry asks, “I made a reservation? Do you have my reservation?” and the agent responds, “Yes, we do. Unfortunately, we ran out of cars.” Jerry explains, “But the reservation keeps the car here. That’s why you have the reservations.” When the agent says, “I know why we have the reservations,” Jerry tells her, “I don’t think you do. If you did, I’d have a car. See, you know how to take the reservation. You just don’t know how to hold the reservation. And that’s really the most important part of the reservation, the holding. Anyone can just take them.” The agent then goes to talk to her supervisor and says there’s nothing to be done; Jerry can have a compact if he likes, and Jerry agrees; when the agent asks if he’d like the insurance, Jerry tells her, “Yeah, you better give me the insurance, because I am gonna beat the hell outta this thing.” (28)

So there you have it, your first glimpse at my book. Thank you all once again, and just keep on coming back. "Come early, come often" as they say. And as always, if you follow the link to the right, you can get your name in the book! Yes, you read that right. Your name could be in every bookstore in America! Sounds nice, doesn't it? Let's make it happen.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Welcome One and All

Seinfeld has remained one of the most consistently watched shows since it aired its series finale on May 14, 1998. That finale became the third most watched in television history with 108 million viewers nationwide. The finale was preceded by five seasons as one of the top three rated shows on television, reaching number one in the 94-95 and 97-98 seasons. During this time Seinfeld became part of America’s pop culture due to its constant inclusion of popular products, historical references, catchphrases, and discussion of everyday minutiae. However, there is far too much information for one person to keep inside their memory banks. Thus I felt there was a need to compile and organize every detail of every episode into a comprehensive encyclopedia.

There is not a complete guide to Seinfeld on the market today. The only book that is close was published in 1993 by Entertainment Weekly and Warner Books. It was entitled The Entertainment Weekly Seinfeld Companion and it offered a glossary of the more popular terms from A to Z. The book only covers the first four seasons of the show and is rather incomplete. I own the book and it is great for a casual watcher, but I felt there needed to be a book that covered everything. Seinfeld touched upon so many items over its nine year run, that a person can reference Seinfeld everyday of the lives. From radar detectors, to the opera, to soup, Seinfeld created classic scenes and dialogue that still make people laugh to this day.

I am currently shopping this book to literary agents and editors across the country and I need your support! Be sure to keep coming back to the site in order to catch weekly samples from the book. And as a way of saying thanks, you can have your name appear in the book!! Just simply follow the link on the right, fill in your information, click save and presto. That's all there is to it.

Again, thanks for stopping by.