Friday, June 08, 2007

You Ever Try To Sleep in a Really Hot Room?

June greetings, dear readers. It's almost officially summer, so let's celebrate with another sneak peak at an entry from my book. But first, as many of you diehards know, the Seinfeld season 8 DVD came out this week and I picked it up for the incredible price of $29.99. What's special about this season is that this is when they stopped having Jerry's standup at the beginning of the episodes in lieu of non-sequitur jokes and bits. However, since these had nothing to do with the main plot of the episode, they were often cut to save time for syndication. So when I got my DVD set, I quickly watched the beginning of each episode, and for the first time in 9 years, I saw new Seinfeld material. Let me tell you, it was fantastic. So rush out and buy this set if you haven't already, but I know you all have. Now, without further ado, let us get to the entry, which I feel is quite appropriate for this time of year.

Air Conditioner Convenience Isaac says he’ll have to get for his move to Phoenix; Elaine trying to get his apartment says, “You can have mine. I’ll ship it out to you.” (7)
  • Upon arriving in Florida, Jerry realizes how hot it is and asks his mother why she doesn’t put on the air conditioner; Helen quickly replies, “You don’t need the air conditioner.” That night while sweating in bed Elaine asks how Jerry’s parents cannot put the air conditioning on, Jerry says, “They’re nuts with temperature.” In the morning, Elaine, who is still sweating, asks once again for the a/c, but neither Helen nor Morty is sure on how to work it; they turn it on, and while Elaine is happy, Helen wraps herself up tightly in a sweater; (20)
  • Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer take a drive to a mall in New Jersey to try and find cheap air conditioners; there’s only one left and Kramer buys it, causing George and Elaine to walk away empty handed; when Kramer offers his to George, he replies, “No, that’s not enough BTUs for my living room.” When they can’t find the car, Kramer decides to leave the air conditioner in section Purple 23 so he won’t have to lug it while he looks, yet he has a hell of a time finding it again (23)
  • After Newman gets a speeding ticket, he tries to get out of it by saying he was rushing home to stop a friend from committing suicide; Newman gets Kramer to be that friend, “All we need is a reason why you were gonna commit suicide.” Kramer thinks and says, “I never had an air conditioner.” Newman tells him, “No. That’s no reason to kill yourself,” and Kramer replies, “Why? It gets hot at night. You can’t sleep. You ever try to sleep in a really hot room?” Newman says, “Every night I sleep in a really hot room, I don’t wanna kill myself,” and Kramer replies, “Well, I’ve slept in really hot rooms, and I wanted to kill myself.” (42)
  • Kramer gets one for Jerry at 30 % off from his friend who works in an appliance store; Jerry wanted one because his girlfriend Amy is too hot in his apartment (64)
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